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Lady Cat by i-s-p Lady Cat by i-s-p
"This mistrustful catgirl has large, yellow eyes. She has neck-length, fine, straight, white hair worn in a wild style. Her skin is pale, with gray spots all over her body. There is white fur on her ears and tail. She has a leggy build. Her tufted ears are wide-set. Her fashion preferences are best described as "the weirder the beter."

Literally last minute entry for Seventh Sanctum's Bishies VS Kitties contest :D [link]
I'm kind of proud of myself, because I did the lineart and coloring in my mom's car on the ten hour drive to my grandparent's house XD I sat in the car with my laptop plugged into a converter plugged into the burner thing, and with my black jacket draped over my head and the screen [otherwise I couldn't see the screen].
It was a new experience.

I wanted to draw a bishi, too, but I didn't have TIIIEEEEM.
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July 14, 2007
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